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Sarongs and Swimsuits

Event Date 12-08-2015
Name of participants Cr Palak, Cr Vanita, Cr Karishma, , Cr Kavita, Cr Nishta, Cr Siddhi, Cr Nancy, Cr Ami, Cr Vani, Cr Megha, Cr Anchal, Cr Rachita, Cr Runjhun, Cr Anju

All girl pool parties rock! And I will tell you why. Not only can wear what you want and be as care free as your heart desires but also, (and this is the best part about a private pool party for circlers) you can PLAY what you want.

A hula hoop (borrowed from one of the twinklers. A very THIN twinkler) was a key component in one of the water games. The hula hoop had to pass over the heads of a circler pair right down to the toes Before being passed on to the next. It made for one heck of a hilarious activity. Powerful water jets, in the swimming pool tested our swimming abilities when we tried to swim against the current.

The best part of the Sarongs and Swimsuit fellowship hosted by Cr Nancy, Cr Ami and Cr Vanita was not the incredible fun we had at the poolside. It was the decorous food and drink that was offered to tease our palettes. From coconut milk served in tall glasses with petals, and refreshing ocean spray mist mocktails to the brilliantly arranged fresh fruit platter and the coconut pudding, each and every dish cooked up by our fabulous hostesses left us wanting more. We were lucky to have two circlers join us for the fellowship from Vellore ladies circle 41 as well as our past circlers and HCs all looking terrific in their colourful sarongs. Thanks to the hostesses for organizing a cool party complete with pretty take aways.