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The Ladies Circle. Making a Difference:

The Ladies Circle is a non-political and non-sectarian organization made up of the wives of members of Round Table. It offers opportunities for serving the community, for fostering and strengthening friendships between like-minded young women and helps create a better understanding of the obligations one owes to the society. The local club termed as "Ladies Circle" or simply "Circle" is the most important unit in the movement. The individual members of each Circle decide how they will serve their community. The circle alone determines the scope and limit of its activities. There is no pattern limiting this scope.

The beginning of the circle... the Madras Mylapore Circle #4.

The Ladies Circle movement first came to India in 1968. The wives of members of Round Table No.9 formed the first Circle in Coimbatore. The then Round Table India President, Krish Chitale presented the Charter in 1970. The National Association of Ladies Circle India was formed in 1970 with four member Circles and in the same year, became a full member of ladies Circle International. The Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle # 4 was chartered on 20th February 1970.

What are our aims? What do we intend?

  • To be non-political and non-sectarian
  • To promote friendship between Circlers and Tabler's wives locally, Nationally & Internationally
  • To assist Round Table
  • To participate where possible in community service
  • To promote the extension of Circles throughout India

Friendship and Services, Our bedrock

The Circle meets at least 15 times a year. These meetings provide an opportunity for the members to meet and plan community service activities and building friendships amongst members. It is said that the privileges of life are accompanied by equal obligations and it is a Ladies Circle belief that they require effort and service in return. The community service performed by Ladies Circle is an instrument, which benefits both parties to the contract. Those who are helped are given an intimate friendly assistance. Those who help have opportunity to give a return for the privileges they enjoy, not the least of which is their membership of Ladies Circle. Friendship and honesty of purpose are the roots from which the Aims and Objects of Ladies Circle grew. Shared pleasure and shared purpose give Ladies Circle its vitality and strength and makes a whole out of many divergent parts just as its Aims and Objects cement together to make the solid base on which Ladies Circle stands.

Our strength Is Our Unity

To achieve a noble cause there are many unifying factors involved. From the acceptance of a common goal, compatibility of working together and integrity every single thing plays a significant role. It is necessary that one recognizes and appreciates the diverse elements in the social, religious and cultural life and try to solve the special problems through the spirit of understanding, tolerance and consideration. The Circle believes that the Table is an important factor in the making of a good Circler. The Ladies Circle is a Movement of which any young lady in this world ought to be proud to be a member. The Circlers have an unequaled and unique opportunity to develop worldwide Friendship and International understanding, an opportunity to give, in the form of Community Service.

Building a better tomorrow... for children

The Preamble to UNESCO's Constitution states, "Since war was born in the minds of men, it it in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed." And in changing the minds, is an area where education can play a most significant role. Presently the educational facilities available in villages are highly unsatisfactory and rampant illiteracy and ignorance continues to hamper general development. Working closely to Preamble of UNESCO, the Ladies Circle plays a major role in helping the underprivileged children and in educating them. One of the main objectives of the Ladies Circle is to assist the Round Table whose special focus is on the needs of small children in various parts of India. The Ladies circle independently assists the Round Table by doing the best from their end. Their activities include building and maintaining schools, Libraries, Playgrounds, Toilets, Blood Banks, Hospitals, Health Care Centre, Village Development programs, rehabilitation centers etc.