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15th-Aug-09 :
Project worth Rs.1500/-We celebrated the Independence Day at the Mary Immaculate School with flag hoisting and distribution of biscuits. Then went to Mercy Home a home for the aged and gave sweets and savories and some clothes.

26th-Aug-09 :
Saris Project Three Toilet units in the P.U.M. School at Neelankarai.
There are 252 girls in this school of 521 children the girls are benefited by these toilets. The funds for these have come from SARIS funding. The International Cr.Chris of England the SARIS chief facilitator and the IPP of Germany Cr.Silke and the Nat.SARIS Project Conv.Cr.Nancy and some of our Circlers were present for the inauguration. The Panchayat President was also present.

We gave some colour pencils to the children of Std. – I and II worth Rs.1200/-

We planted 10 saplings in the school by the children worth Rs.500/- Cr.Vimmi narrated a story to the 5th and 6th Std.Children about the importance of trees and not to cut them.


06th-Sep-09 :
Hearing Aids - Project Worth Rs.13,600/

The 1st Area -2 AGM for Circlerss

We MMLC#4 Donated 4 Behind the ear hearing aids to the hearing impaired children of Mary Clubwala School in Mogappair

07th-Sep-09 :
Nutrition Week - Project Worth Rs. 4,500/-

The pregnant and post natal mothers were given lectures by Dr.Shanthi and we distributed dates 50 Pkts and Raagi Health Mix – 50 Pkts at the Government maternity home at Shenoy Nagar.

We gave cookies to the Mary Immaculate School & Creche 200 Pcs

09th-Sep-09 :
Litracy Day – Project Worth Rs. 19,500/-

We gave 100 colour pencil set at the P.U.M. School for children below ten worth Rs.1200/-. Cr.Sumathi has donated Rs.1000/- towards the education of her maids children. 3rd year B.Com we have given P.Rajendran a 3rd year B.Com student for his College fees Rs.12000/- We have given study materials like exam answer papers, exam pads, pens, note books for 40 orphan children at marialaya in Broadway a home for children for Rs.5300/-

16th-Sep-09 :
World Ozone Day - Project worth Rs. 2000/-

September 16th World Ozone Day – Project worth Rs. 2000/- We replaced 20 CFL bulbs at the Mercy Home which is a home for the homeless. To save energy consumption.



01st-Oct-09 :
World Elder’s Day and Heart Day - Project worth Rs. 5000/-

We had the privilege to have LC India president Cr.Manila Jain with us. We went with her to the Little Sisters of the poor a home for the aged. The elders performed for 2 Songs. We were touched by this gave a Cheque for Rs.5000/- towards heart medicines.

16th-Oct-09 :
Diwali Project Worth Rs. 6000/-

We have given Gyanadeepam a School for Mentally challenged children clothes. 
Shirts and Shorts for 35 Boys of 10 to 18 years salwar suit materials for 25 girls
and crackers for Rs. 700/- 


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