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Pre-Independence Day 10 D

Event Date 14-08-2015
Name of participants Cr Prachi, Cr Palak, Cr Vanita, Cr Anju , Cr Karishma, Cr Sumati, Cr Kavita, Cr Divya, Cr Nishta, Cr Tripti, Cr Nancy, Cr Ami, Cr Vani, Cr Megha, Cr Radhi, Cr Deepika, Cr Anchal, Cr Ginni, HC Shobha HC Rinku

A super entertaining and colourful party was hosted by Tr Rajesh and his lovely wife Cr Megha the night before we all hoisted the tricolour. The turn out was incredible! A whopping 109 heads from the tabling and circling fraternity joined us as we chilled in the cosy ambience of the 10 downing street lounge. The DJ worked magic! The classics melded with the contemporary. Bollywood interspersed with rock bands of the 90ís. Our heads bobbed our feet tapped. The mood was infectious, and the circlers were on a fun high. It was a kick to spot the party guests in a well know newspaper the day after the event.