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Naughty at Fourty

Event Date 14-08-2015
Name of participants Cr Prachi, Cr Palak, Cr Vanita, Cr Karishma, Cr Sumati, Cr Kavita, Cr Tripti, Cr Nikki, Cr Nancy, Cr Ami, Cr Vani, Cr Anju, Cr Rachita, Cr Ginni

“You are invited to celebrate the 19th anniversary of my 21 st birthday” read the card inviting the LC4 circling family to Hc Aparna’s 40th birthday bash. On a lovely Friday morning the past and present circlers of Lc4 celebrated Aparna’s birthday in style at the Lotus Thai in The Park with a sit down lunch. The birthday girl looked ravishing in white and bore a gleaming smile that was even brighter as she cut the birthday cake and blew out the candles. We sat and yapped about circling, about fashion, about work , about families, about 500 million other topics, till morning turned to early evening and coffee and tea made its rounds. What a lovely birthday celebration. We love you HC Aparna. Can’t wait for the 20th anniversary of your 21st birthday!