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NON-E2E Project(NON School Projects) 1

Project Name Help our Helpers
Date 12-08-2015
Cost 1000.00
Circlers Attended Cr Palak, Cr Vanita, Cr Karishma, , Cr Kavita, Cr Nishta, Cr Siddhi, Cr Nancy, Cr Ami, Cr Vani, Cr Megha, Cr Anchal, Cr Rachita, Cr Runjhun, Cr Anjus

Project Details

Charity begins at home! And our staff that works tirelessly to ensure that we are comfortable deserve our acknowledgement. We at Lc4 donated school bags, towels and umbrellas to the helpers and their children of our hostesses Cr Ami, Cr Vanita and Cr Nancy at Cr Nancys house.

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