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Friendship Day Bonanza

Event Date 02-08-2015
Name of participants 23 Active circlers, Hcs and past circlers

On a fine Sunday morning, tablers, circlers and Twinklers of RT3 and LC4 packed ourselves into cars and drove to the venue A beach house in ECR with a gorgeous pool. This friendship day we were overjoyed that so many of our beloved past circlers were able to join the fun. Suffice to say we made good use of pool. Those circlers reluctant to get into the pool, were sprayed with water hoses or worse had buckets of water thrown on them - courtesy the twinklers. A birthday cake was cut for our VC Tr Abishekh. Delicious food, terrific fun, aqua masti and many, many, memorable moments to cherish thanks to a lovely friendship day party hosted by Chairman Tr Kaushal and First lady Prachi.