Let's spread happiness Circle Chairpersonís Message 2019 - 20

Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle 4 celebrates 50 years of Friendship & Service this year. We are proud of the rich legacy that we have inherited. We have impacted lakhs of lives through our community service projects over the years.†

ChairpersonOur circling culture builds competence in its members that helps us service our community effectively. These 3 Cís: CULTURE, COMPETENCE and COMMUNITY, are the cornerstones of MMLC4 and will be in focus this golden year as we strive towards implementation of projects that have long term, significant benefits toward our communities.†

Our national project is EDUCATE TO ENLIGHTEN, created to enhance the quality of education provided at underprivileged schools across India. In 2019 - 20, we will provide educational opportunities to those without access to education as well as educational tools to better the skills of learners from deserving schools in the community.

Steps to suppress malnutrition, create awareness regarding organ donation, service to the visually handicapped, and women empowerment via livelihood initiatives of destitute women are some key focus areas for Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle 4 this Golden year.

Theme for 2019 - 20

Initiative for the Golden Year

  • The love 4 life initiative is an organ donation campaign that will be carried out during the 50th year of MMLC4.
  • This year we ask for a contribution that will give a new lease of life to our fellow human beings after we are gone https://youtu.be/Vv5_XSlMF8U

Click on the link lov34life.com to make a pledge.