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Congratulations and Celebrations

Event Date 28-08-2015
Name of participants Cr Palak, Cr Kavita, Cr Sumathi, Cr Karishma, Cr Vanita

This was a party to celebrate our successes at the Area 2 AGM and it gave us all the opportunity to relive the amazing moments of the year gone by under the chairman and chairpersonship of the dynamic Duo Voora Couple IPC Pavan and IPC Sumathi.

It was a proud moment for the entire team of LC4 and RT3 when we bagged so many coveted awards during the Area 2 formal night. We were also thrilled beyond words when it was announced that we were the second runner ups for the spoof competition during the informal night and that our very own Cr. Deepika won the award for Best actress. It was also a special day for Cr Prachi who had just completed her tenure as AST for of Area 2.

This party was hosted by Chairperson Kaushal and Cr Prachi at their residence. A massive chocolate cake was cut by Pavan and Sumati. A lot of the said cake adorned the faces of the IPC’s a few minutes later. Luckily the cake was rescued and taken to the dessert table where it was joined by a host of mouth-watering deserts. It was great fun! Over delicious appetizers and frothy mocktails, nostalgic reminiscences crept into conversations that flowed freely. Time flew by and the celebrations went on all night long.