:: Charter Day 2014 - 2015 ::


MMLC 4 Charter day/ Kal Aaj Aur Kal celebration with 20 past circlers.we started with lightning of Lamp with Charted Chairperson Indra Chandok,Then Welcome speech,Roll call and presented the highlights of seven months for the year and covered all aspects of circling.we did a project with past circlers and we organized HRD game with past circlers.Then chairperson sumathi called all past chairpersons to come forward for jewel Exchange.we made them to stand in a order starting from a charter chairperson to me.we exchanged the jewel starting our chartered chairperson followed by all past chairperson and came back to me.i'm sure it was a memorable experience for all past chairpersons to wear the jewel and recall the year.I pinned my pin for the year to all past chairpersons and celebrated our charter day by Cake cutting and opened the champagne and dance floor was opened to all and we put the dance floor for fire and we danced till late afternoon.