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Area 2 Informal Night

Event Date 22-08-2015
Name of participants Cr Vanita, Cr Karishma, Cr Kavita, CrSumathi, Cr Siddhi, Cr Ami, Cr Vani, Cr Megha, Cr Anchal, Cr Rachita, Cr Runjhun, Cr Anju, Cr Tripthi, Cr Ginni, Cr Deepika

The Area 2 AGM weekend at the ITC Grand Chola was a riotous combination of elation and merriment for all of us at LC4 and RT3. We were thrilled when it was announced that we were the second runner ups for the spoof competition and that our very own Cr. Deepika won the award for Best actress. Once we divested ourselves from our costumes we hopped on the dance floor and had a brilliant time with our Area 2 tabling and circling family till the wee hours of the morning. What a fabulous start to the year!