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Area 2 Twinkler Event @ Tuscana

Event Date 30-08-2015
Name of Participants Tw Ishaan,TW Abhyuday, Tw Deepti, Tw Sakshi, Tw Sunandini, Tw Kyra, tw Arav, Tw Anisha, Tw praachi, Tw Maanav, Tw Aatman, tw Advai, Tw maahi, tw Darsheel, Tw Kaviraj, Tw Tanav, Tw Tanvi, Tw Navya, Tw Tanaya, Tw Shiven, Tw Tungesh, Tw Turya

The Twinklers could barely contain their excitement. Today they were going to learn how to make pizza at Tuscaana pizza shop. They gave name tags to all the participants and gave them cute outfits designed as a pizza which came complete with a pizza shaped hat.The kids enjoyed making vegetable pizza. They first rolled the dough and added their toppings and put it into the oven to cook.