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NON-E2E Project(NON School Projects)

Project Name Area 2 Kiosk Project Eco kitchen
Date 03-11-2015
Cost 27000.00
Circlers Attended Cr Palak, Cr Ami, Cr Vani, Cr Radhi, Prospect Ruchika and Cr Nishta. a

Project Details

To empower a woman what greater good can one do for the society. A woman is the primary caregiver at home but when she can also be a breadwinner there is no obstacle that she cannot overcome for herself and her family. Keeping this in mind Lc4 provide a Kiosk of the amount of 27000 to a deserving candidate. It was one of the 6 circles of Area 2 which partook in a project where we helped underprivileged women to take their finances into their own hands. To help these entrepreneurs reach their dreams 6 kiosks were provided for them. this project was inaugurated by National President GMLF Cr. Masuma Vagh. The pillars of Area 2 - ACP Cr Sofia Khandelwal, AVC Cr Shruti Dugar, AST Cr Divya Pesala, Area Projects Convenor and other dignitaries like ACM Tr Inder were present at the occasion.