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7 Days of Area 2 AGM Practises

Event Date 17-08-2015
Name of participants Cr Ginni, Cr Deepika, Cr Palak, Cr Vanita, Cr Karishma, , Cr Kavita, Cr Siddhi, , Cr Ami, Cr Vani, Cr Megha, Cr Rachita, Cr Runjhun, Cr Anju, Cr Sumathi

We had to put on a spoof! That much had been finalized months ago. But the following questions came pouring in just 10 days before the main event: Who was going to dance? Who was going to script? Who was going to act? Who would do the costumes? Who would take care of the stage set up? Who would take care of the sound and LED imagery. OMG! The trailer! In less than a week, through numerous meet ups and eats outs the spoof took shape bit by bit. And it was FUN with a capital F. We were worse than middle schoolers during dramatics practice. We played hooky, we danced like crazy, we were loud, opinionated and late for practices. We went out for dinners before practices, post practices, during practices to Subway, Benz Park, Thalapakatti, Mathysa… We were also at our creative best. From painstakingly stitching plume feathers onto Vegas showgirl headgears to recording at the studio for the skit , each and every moment was precious and unforgettable.